Mindfluential Trading Premium Community

Day traders tend to lose control over their habits easily when not monitored, a support community with lots of essential and useful information, tricks & a zen zone for the mental health of traders is not to be missed.

What community Offers?


"A supportive and inspiring zone where you can pretty much discuss anything, clarify your doubts, connect with other community members & also with us"

"The mental health of our traders is the utmost priority of the Mindfluential Trading Community. This space holds Virtual Meditation, Affirmations, Daily Quotes to uplift your mental health each day. Once you keep your mind clean and disciplined, half of your trading success is sorted"


"In this space, you'll find some helpful technical tips, tricks & hacks which are simple yet efficient with will want to use as strategies for trading. It also includes psychological & emotional trading hacks"

"Will upload trade recaps where we will break down the trade; entry, exit, and all the in-between that has been done based on the price action techniques. This helps members understand how to clearly understand the price action concepts and apply them in live trading"


"Will be updating potential stock charts that have the possibility of getting a beautiful trade opportunity. These stocks are identified based on the price where it is near major key levels or about to break trendlines etc and other important factors. We also have a separate channel for Heikin Ashi Chart patterns. Also, we sometimes use important stock screeners to filter the stocks Narrow CPR stocks etc."

"A space to get the important daily market news, specific stock news, global market updates. SEBI notifications and guidelines that directly affect the traders. Also, you will have access to regular trading articles that enhance trading knowledge"

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"It is a bonus chat room where traders who trade in Nifty, Bank Nifty can discuss the live market potential entry and exit and in between. We will also give our inputs often. It's a collaborative space to access live knowledge together. basically a collective live support system for a particular group of segments of traders"

Members who enroll for our classes will be having access to our Discord Community.

For any queries & support, please write to us at mindfluentialtrading@gmail.com or

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