Trade with Institutional Zones 

See important levels that others don't as they will give you an edge in your trading journey.

It can be added to your Trading View

This is a custom coded level that once you get the access, can be added to your trading view chart and these levels can be applied to any of the instruments. 

It acts as Trend Changer

We observed that often price reacts violently when it reaches institutional zones and it throwback the candles far. Once the trend change is confirmed by momentum candles, using intraday strategies one can take the trade position.

It acts as good Support/Resistance levels

Not always the price moves in opposite directions on reaching the zones. Sometimes when there is no strength in the reversal, the price tends to move near support and resistance zones. It's better not to take up any trades in this kind of situation as you won't see any definite trend and chance there are more changes of stop-loss getting hit or it can become a boredom trade.

Can confirm the Trend Continuation

Like any other support/resistance zone, once it faces some minor price rejection but the price is able to break through the institutional zone with a good momentum candle, then it confirms the trend continuation existing before the breakout of the zone. After the breakout, one should wait for candles to touch dynamic resistance and after that, if we get a confirmation candle then we can take the trade.

Will it work every time..?

You know the answer, of course, no strategy works every time.


Even if it works 30% of the time in a worst-case scenario and you maintain a 1:3 risk-reward ratio you'll be profitable.


If it works for 40% of the time and you maintain 1:2 risk-reward, you'll be profitable. If it works for 60% of the time, even a 1:1 risk reward makes you profitable but we suggest having a min 1:2 risk-reward.

How can you increase the probability?

When you combine the Institutional Zones with Price Action, Risk Management & Trading Psychology, definitely you'll gain an edge in finding high probable trade setups.

How to get it..?

Message us on Instagram or Mail us for getting access or to know more about it. Links are below in the contact us section.