Successful Trading is 30% Technical Analysis & 70% Psychology

Only when you are able to bring emotional balance to the live market you'll transform into a better trader

Our study on Traders Phycology

After multiple years of trading experience in Indian stock markets and reading multiple books on market phycology & behavior patterns of traders, we have understood why most of the traders lose money in the markets. 

We observed that a trader takes up many courses, tries some of them for a few days, but fails to apply the simple strategies in the live market, the reason being unable to stick to the trading plan once the emotions start playing over the game.

We noted that a trader fails not because of a lack of technical analysis, but majorly due to the lack of having a trading discipline, emotional control.


What is mindfluential trading

Know what you are doing - Level 1

Contributes 25% to trading success

Learn technical analysis of the instrument/market by understanding in depth Price Action, CPR secrets, hidden smart money price levels & being able to decode the logic behind trendlines. 

Strive for consistent trading discipline - Level 2

Contributes 60% in trading success when combined with Level 1

Learn to strictly adopt trading discipline, which means having a trading plan, maintaining a trading journal, applying a proper risk-reward ratio along with right position sizing, and most importantly where and how to place the stop loss & trail it.

Becoming mindfluential trader - Level 3

Contributes 90% in trading success when combined with Level 1 & 2

No matter how many courses you take and how disciplined you are unless you are able to control your emotions in live trading, it will be difficult to succeed in trading. A trader goes through multiple emotions while trading like Fear /  Greed / Regret / Hope / Frustration and also encounters multiple biases. A trader must rise above these emotions and should be able to make rational decisions before taking up trade, while in trade when exiting the trade.

Gaining edge over market

This is what differentiates you between good trader & professional trader

The ability to discipline yourself to delay gratification in the short term in order to enjoy greater rewards in the long term is an indispensable prerequisite for success. We at The Flow Theory follow the same strategy while paying our team, the reward will not in the form of instant gratification in the name of salary but a percentage of revenue which the App generates over a period of time. More on this will be discussed during the interview and onboarding process. 

Once you are able to consistently follow these steps and become a mindfluential trader, then it's not hard for you to easily turn trading for a living and also make consistent income out of it.

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Traders tend to lose control over their habits easily when not monitored, a support community with lots of essential and useful information, Live market analysis, Intraday & Positional trading chart analysis, trade breakdowns & constant support system is what makes our community unique & strong.